Bigger VS Smaller Matches

For anyone who sre into size difference in wrestling.

Matches, where big size difference is a factor. One large man vs a smaller opponent. Many variations and outcomes. One sided domanance. Smaller defeating larger opponent. Large heel vs small jobber. Small heel vs large jobber. Etc.

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Looking for giants who like to be even bigger52018-09-17 오전 3:36MegaCrush
Honestly...72018-09-15 오전 8:59plm77
Chub in DC area looking for fit/muscular jobber32018-09-10 오후 2:18leanaussiemuscle
Smaller/younger dominate and punish older/bigger152018-09-09 오후 9:47Waterpolo
Looking for smaller/younger in/near NV/Cali12018-09-09 오후 5:23Wrstlelvr
Cyber opponent?12018-09-07 오후 7:47Durango
help please!32018-09-05 오전 7:20plm77
341 lbs here.32018-08-25 오전 10:29Cas12
Facesitter looking for seats22018-08-12 오전 5:58c thomas1984
112 kg vs 37 kg292018-08-10 오후 5:01john el
Small muscle vs big muscle32018-08-10 오전 5:31CoachSal
Looking for a very but very big person against me.72018-08-06 오후 9:18terrence
Big Destroys Little822018-08-06 오후 6:48Big Guy
Smaller athletic college guy looking for bigger guys132018-08-06 오후 6:27Big Guy
Want to be dominated by bigger92018-08-06 오후 6:25cute guy
Bigger older men22018-08-06 오후 5:41Big Guy
any big guys into wrestling with a little guy?112018-08-06 오후 5:38Big Guy
Anyone lift me one hand?42018-08-06 오후 4:46cockyjobber
NYC Skinny Guy looking to be dominated by bigger22018-08-05 오전 7:26Slam nj
Looking for smaller52018-08-02 오전 10:09Waterpolo
sumision22018-08-01 오후 1:01Mortadelo
Tx heavyweight looking to squash smaller72018-07-29 오후 7:34wrestlerspig
18y/o looking to get dominated / used by a larger, older muscular man102018-07-27 오전 8:52cute guy
Two bigger vs one smaller192018-07-25 오후 11:23LookingToTrample
London12018-07-13 오후 2:44garsbrasdefer
Looking for 1 more for 2 on 1 facesitting/squash session12018-07-08 오후 6:36NateCantWrestle
Tall twink wants to be dominated by muscular guy(s)32018-07-01 오전 6:30plm77
410lbs Looking to bonsai drop!182018-06-17 오후 12:51LookingToTrample
Any stories where a smaller/less muscular opponent dominates a muscular jock type?122018-06-12 오전 7:01Asics
Small dude in Massachusetts looking for big muscle12018-05-28 오후 9:00painauthority
bring it on alphas12018-05-27 오후 2:55wrestlerguy21
Big man12018-05-26 오전 9:52Liftthisboy2018
Small Alphas702018-05-24 오후 12:53Wrstlelvr
want to wrestle a heavy weight22018-05-22 오전 6:30Slam nj
6'5 400lbs Minnesota162018-05-10 오전 7:39Liftthisboy2018
any big guys wanna travel and wrestling together?12018-05-02 오후 1:36jerrykao
Any small Dutch guys?12018-04-26 오전 2:10Rdam73
145 looking for a bigger guy92018-04-26 오전 2:08Rdam73
Are any of you large guys who like wrestling small ones interested in dating?312018-04-26 오전 2:03Rdam73
I need big men to use me32018-04-26 오전 12:04leanaussiemuscle
Bug men rep your height and weight12018-04-16 오전 2:32Liftthisboy2018
Small looking for Big, one sided erotic domination322018-04-02 오후 7:20terrence
Challenge to Heavyweight Sleeper Wrestler.12018-03-31 오전 12:43jwest1111
Domination by Super Heavy Sleeper Wrestler152018-03-22 오전 9:37ScottT
Small Job Looking For A Tall Heel in Cyber12018-03-04 오전 5:21danieladamvalle
Model looking for heel42018-03-03 오후 2:53Alex92
Hard Lean Muscle VS Skinny ripped Muscle32018-02-22 오전 8:36biceplover
Looking for my big daddy12018-02-14 오후 2:38sweet
Small dominant....52018-01-25 오후 9:06mehmetandme
Suggestions62018-01-14 오전 11:46Rocket
New England12018-01-14 오전 11:01Rocket
Small guy to dominant larger guy Philadelphia area12017-12-29 오전 11:48mikey3458
2 muscle bears vs me22017-12-29 오전 8:27leanaussiemuscle
Who needs 6’2”, 230 lbs? 🇨🇦12017-12-23 오후 7:49MvM4F
Who wants to dominate a 5'5 young lad?62017-12-20 오전 2:56Anthony Manni
Seeking a smaller opponent to defeat & humiliate me62017-12-15 오전 5:41Kaijuman
Muscle jobber looking for bigger guy to challenge handicap match262017-12-14 오후 1:07Gabe Steel
Big Seeking Small Victims ;)52017-12-03 오후 5:51nncast
Stocky jobber for compact heel12017-12-03 오후 5:49Ian Payne
Bigger vrs Smaller in Ohio12017-12-03 오후 4:44Arman
looking for smaller12017-11-24 오후 6:16wrestlerguy21
Videos of giant muscle destroying skinny guy522017-11-22 오후 3:04jacja94
small young jobber vs huge old heel (Cyber)22017-11-16 오전 8:53terrence
Small vs bigger role play22017-11-13 오전 11:17DomSquashMatch
Smaller heel to totally destroy bigger guy12017-11-05 오후 3:37Tritonrising
East Coast Match12017-10-27 오전 2:36Giantcrusher17
Muscle worship by a jobber12017-10-25 오후 3:51A1Jobberlad
Georgia12017-10-25 오전 11:20Miccboii
5'5 ready to be crushed12017-10-17 오후 5:35amateur bearhug
Small destroys Big72017-10-01 오후 11:41Indomable
Slim smooth for giant dom12017-09-30 오후 10:32NWJobber84
Bearhug to KO82017-09-25 오후 6:52terrence
Live Match Big vs Little192017-09-11 오전 8:39biceplover
Little guy challenging Big muscle man1662017-09-11 오전 7:36AlexTritos
Big vs small in Spain12017-08-22 오후 2:16wrestlerbcn
big heavy bodybuilder to beat me up212017-08-21 오후 8:29john el
Bodybuilders, Weight Lifters, who want to learn to wrestle and swim12017-08-19 오후 3:03FlDean2012
Big vs small, rep your size!3112017-08-07 오전 12:03Chokemaster
Exaggerated strength12017-08-03 오후 12:34Cdn jobber
I like the biggest men of size that I master12017-07-31 오후 4:29fightercdb
Looking to be dominated by short muscle guy62017-07-28 오전 5:36Chokemaster
Small v big52017-07-24 오전 5:04ScottT
Do you know where to find REAL muscle VS skinny guy street fight?82017-07-20 오전 5:41Smthbd
New Short Story. My Wrestling Thing.12017-07-16 오후 2:50jwest1111
Smaller Heel Seeks Tall, Skinny Jobber42017-07-16 오전 6:06Dave wrestle
Smaller heels582017-07-07 오전 12:43Smthbd
Robin vs Batman32017-07-05 오전 6:36James
Ready to go.92017-07-03 오전 12:06needalift
Big guy looking to be dominated by a small92017-06-28 오후 8:44Smthbd
Big guy owned by smaller guy1922017-06-28 오전 8:32Smthbd
Tall Jock for Small Nerds102017-06-28 오전 12:58Smthbd
slim heels62017-06-27 오전 12:53dd185
Favorite Pro Big vs Small Squashes42017-06-25 오후 9:21littleforbigg
Smaller guy dominate big guy82017-06-25 오후 8:03Smthbd
big stud42017-06-21 오후 5:25Super Stud Roy
Still looking for younger smaller match42017-06-02 오후 7:13Arman
Chub guy in DC looking for shorter muscular guy12017-04-15 오후 6:06VAChub4Muscle
Medium guy looking for big12017-03-14 오전 1:121armwrestler
Looking for small alphas62017-03-05 오후 11:36greekwrestler
Any big guy travelling to Brazil?12017-03-03 오전 7:26SmallIgu
looking for thick muscle to wrestle in San Diego Feb 3rd thru 8th hosting here12017-02-03 오후 4:08latin63
Big/small determinator52017-02-02 오전 8:36lifterman
Can someone lift me up?42017-01-30 오전 5:36singhdhiren22
HONG KONG guy wanna know bigger friend22017-01-25 오후 6:10Lets Rassle
Age difference?62017-01-25 오전 7:50singhdhiren22
Smaller vs Bigger82017-01-16 오후 11:10leanaussiemuscle
Any BIG guy willing to teach and put the small boy down?:)32017-01-13 오전 10:34terrence
Over 220 (100 kg) vs under 175 (80kg)642017-01-12 오후 10:49frenchwrestlingfan
Manhandled by smaller strong guy42017-01-09 오후 3:01Nicegrappler
big guy submits to short Alpha12017-01-09 오전 8:58Nicegrappler
Looking for a Tall, Skinny Jobber52017-01-05 오후 3:17NWJobber84
Older large heel BRS young Jobber92017-01-01 오후 11:10needalift
Manchester bodybuilder wanted for athletic small guy domination12016-12-30 오전 12:01Mmamanchester
looking fore a big muscleman to beat me up22016-12-28 오전 7:04the natureboy
Love getting bullied by big brutes12016-12-28 오전 5:56ButchBoots
Looking for younger smaller heel in Oh42016-12-22 오후 5:48Arman
Looking for a skinny son12016-12-22 오전 8:32Chokemaster
Muscle guy in Europe?12016-12-15 오전 7:39mentatzps
60 kg vs 100 kg (or more)32016-12-13 오후 10:04WrestlerGoias
6ft4, 90kg looking for smaller12016-12-08 오후 3:09worksopboi
Big heel looking for small jobber CA42016-12-07 오전 6:33terrence
Any big men in Western NY12016-12-02 오후 6:16VocalB
Small Afro heel seeks experienced jobber in San Francisco for February.22016-11-27 오후 12:39grappler1
looking for rough big muscle in San diego12016-11-23 오후 2:43latin63
Looking for jobber in Singapore12016-11-20 오후 6:10armandiano
medium height guy with hot fetish for very small, strong men ;)32016-11-19 오후 1:38dd185
Who can lift me?62016-11-17 오후 4:32felift
Throw a slim lad like a ragdoll682016-11-17 오전 11:42biceplover
FACE SMOTHER152016-11-16 오전 5:38punchbagnyc
Looking for small and skinny man in Paris or France ?22016-11-08 오후 2:59Mortadelo
Out of action122016-10-23 오후 1:06Hillbilly huge
BIGGER for SMALLER IN LONDON12016-10-23 오전 12:51FIREFOX57
Bring it on Big guys (Bitches lol)122016-10-21 오전 5:40FlDean2012
San Diego average build wrestler vs muscle bodybuilder12016-10-12 오후 2:53latin63
Looking for big, strong, dominant heel!22016-10-11 오후 8:59JMM
Looking for Small Guys NY/NJ/PA82016-10-10 오전 10:09PA Wrestler
Tall, muscled pro jobbers in SF/SJ/Bay Area12016-10-09 오전 4:36Compact Heel
looking for a tall strong guy52016-10-07 오후 6:16FlDean2012
Beaten by smaller guy12016-09-29 오후 5:01Submissive Prince
Punished by small asian guy52016-09-10 오후 4:15NaughtyButNice
Olympic divers as jobbers42016-08-28 오후 4:46prorock
New England battle12016-08-18 오후 4:08Txbigb
Bring it on big guys22016-08-06 오전 8:03Hillbilly huge
I'm skinny. Overpower me with your big, beefy, tough muscles.72016-08-04 오전 4:28Smooshme
Match Sunday162016-07-28 오전 6:31tinyjobber
Big guy in UK looking for smaller opponents72016-07-25 오전 8:36Monna
too many bitches12016-07-17 오전 2:11Jordylad
Dallas big for small52016-07-07 오후 1:37KickOutChamp
Dallas12016-07-06 오후 7:05dfwfighter
Traveling Huge for Athletic/Fit/Muscular32016-07-05 오후 5:42KickOutChamp
Need a good heel12016-06-26 오후 7:47leanwarrior7
Looking for smaller UK12016-06-22 오전 9:23caballero
Humilate my small muscles?HK12016-06-14 오후 7:18kk90771
Big guy looking for bigger.12016-06-06 오전 5:10Danny jeb
smaller for big12016-05-14 오후 8:37mirco
ripped jock looking for fat guys62016-05-11 오전 6:43latin63
Smaller dominate me52016-05-10 오후 6:17Chuck
Cyber match HUGE HEEL vs jobber42016-05-07 오후 4:57Vince
JUNE VACATION & Gut Punching42016-05-06 오전 3:25Dave wrestle
SoCal big lookin for small22016-04-18 오전 8:18andronaught
Cara forte para perder12016-04-12 오후 3:38JCF
Looking for bigger muscle heel to turn cocky smaller heel into his boy toy12016-04-07 오전 7:08Aimperator
squash match12016-03-29 오전 11:19elias sanders
average to take big muscle san diego12016-02-22 오후 5:25latin63
smaller seeks MASSIVE12016-02-17 오전 9:03skinnyboyDC
Anybody in Brazil?22016-02-15 오후 7:11jurandi
Matches in Fort Lauderdale area12016-02-13 오후 3:34RasslerFTL
2vs172016-02-11 오전 10:08giro mail
2 AGAINST 112016-02-07 오전 12:50fistfighme
small female looking for heavyweight opponent for cyberfight12016-01-29 오후 1:29teenfightergirl
Superstud twopack takes on Beachmont12016-01-29 오전 2:26Beachmont
Wrestling in Rhode Island12016-01-24 오전 4:42Lombardiwrestle
Small Jobber in Philly42016-01-20 오전 12:14weholooker
Small overpowers Big32016-01-18 오후 1:54KickOutChamp
Procuro lutador musculoso32016-01-11 오후 1:09felift
BIGGER [here] for smaller in LAS VEGAS12016-01-06 오전 5:27FIREFOX57
Smaller guy12016-01-04 오전 4:19BillyLanders
Personal Jobber42016-01-04 오전 12:24kcjobberboy
Beachmont Beast vs BattleboyRyan12016-01-03 오후 7:26Beachmont
two against one72015-12-16 오후 12:30the natureboy
New Year192015-12-13 오후 4:06MikeyCharisma
Looking for smaller heel to dominate and humiliate82015-12-12 오전 12:46MikeyCharisma
As a aheel, here is what I like:22015-12-09 오전 5:59PA Wrestler
Who will be dominated by me?62015-12-06 오전 7:58the natureboy
16th intl. wrestling camp 201612015-12-01 오후 10:31ringen-berlin
MUTUAL12015-11-29 오전 5:49fistfighme
Anyone wanna dominate?72015-10-29 오후 7:04sexymusculoso
Little jobber vs. Big heel22015-10-19 오전 10:27biceplover
Matches in Berlin (Germany)32015-10-15 오후 4:37ringen-berlin
Tall jobber/sub for Dominant shorter guy22015-09-19 오후 4:39mikecharisma
Biggest man here412015-09-14 오후 4:44Terryrassler
6'2 235 lookin for smaller guy32015-09-12 오후 7:10mikecharisma
Pennsylvania Eroitc Promission Jobber12015-08-18 오전 7:27WrestlingRookie
Chub Vs Chub12015-08-17 오후 4:27LuchadorSFO
big man to manhandle me12015-08-14 오후 12:18benhard63
Any heel in Spain?12015-08-06 오후 5:50jonbasquecountry
Suche Fight102015-08-05 오전 8:35greekwrestler
Smooth skinny twink lookin for a beatin'92015-07-28 오후 2:24Jaytwooh
Hi!!12015-07-20 오후 11:19ayk
looking for a small-large match22015-07-16 오전 4:40Subguy95
Muscle strong man beated by a weak guy102015-07-14 오후 6:39mehmetandme
Anyone in Italy?!12015-07-10 오전 7:43FederiKO
Small guy wanting to be owned22015-07-03 오전 8:47liftme20
Fight in Munich wanted62015-06-30 오후 5:52mehmetandme
What about roleplaying online?32015-05-26 오전 6:18guyaskinforit
handicap match102015-05-16 오후 7:44wrestlerspig
Play erotic in London12015-05-10 오전 12:20clemens
Strong young versus weak dad12015-05-10 오전 12:17clemens
Strong facesitting weak32015-05-09 오후 7:16terrence
what you're gonna do to me...12015-05-04 오전 4:41guyaskinforit
Muscle Boys in San Francisco12015-05-01 오후 9:42LuchadorSFO
Little wants to be dominated62015-04-28 오후 5:01WrestlerGoias
Looking for a massive guy!42015-04-20 오전 10:14biceplover
any strong man in israel12015-03-10 오후 5:42shaharlevi987
Does anyone want to dominate me?12015-03-02 오전 4:54punching superman
UK mismatches22015-02-28 오전 12:44Wrrstler 69
Who are the Strong guys and who are the Weak guys here?52015-02-21 오전 5:26guyaskinforit
Where all the strong guys are?12015-01-28 오후 7:57cute guy
So u think u can lift me?22015-01-23 오후 8:00jason
Lightweight dominates12015-01-18 오전 12:24Thebear
Big guy wants to be dominated by little guy12015-01-18 오전 12:07Thebear
GL 32 year old Jock here.22015-01-09 오후 4:28greekwrestler
Large heel to dominate small jobber22015-01-02 오전 9:21LA-HEEL
UK Belly Brawler HEEL to SQUASH JOB YOU !22014-12-17 오전 4:46wrestlerspig
LIGHTWEIGHT vs HEAVYWEIGHT62014-12-02 오후 9:31LuchadorSFO
Big guys destroy little guys12014-11-30 오후 11:49batuankara
strong to weak full clothing12014-10-05 오후 11:22ct1970pt
Looking for big guy for a fantasy boxing match.12014-10-04 오전 2:51kodboxer1
small to use12014-10-01 오후 1:50MrBiceps
Arm wrestlibg22014-09-16 오후 6:41hotwrestlers
284 members Which ones of you are strong?32014-09-16 오후 4:48Submissionmaster
Weak but tough italian man12014-09-04 오전 10:19ROBOCOP
Weak looking for strong in SP12014-08-21 오후 10:42Reinaldo87
Squash match12014-07-04 오후 8:00Thom
Boxing roleplay. Big vs small.12014-06-28 오전 2:35kodboxer1
dominate me12014-04-30 오후 11:13terrence
Weaker 19 year old dominated, part 132014-04-30 오후 11:12terrence
The perfect example of what this group is all about. :)12014-03-27 오후 11:52LA-HEEL
Part of a 19 year old jobber story12014-02-25 오후 2:58flexonyou
Bigger vs Smaller not the advantage42014-02-25 오후 2:26flexonyou
Strong vs Weak Fantasy152014-02-05 오후 12:22Eiergeiler
Wrestle a dwarf12013-11-29 오후 7:33gpjobber
Any young small heels22013-11-08 오후 8:39ARMAN
anyone interested in fighting a skinny 65kg guy?22013-11-07 오전 11:13ARMAN
use me fore fun big guy32013-09-15 오전 3:10wressinglet
me vs lighter weight22013-09-07 오후 3:40eager-fighter
San Francisco, CA32013-08-13 오전 12:31LuchadorSFO
Algún gigante para lucha?12013-03-19 오후 6:09KMFlucha
Amazon wrestlers62013-03-17 오후 10:28meshwesh
Who destroyed YOU?22013-03-17 오후 12:14meshwesh
full clothing weak man62012-12-07 오후 9:56wrestlerspig
Huge vs. small22012-10-24 오후 7:05jurandi
BE FUCKIN TUFF12012-10-16 오전 9:24FIGHTFUK
Little destroys big22012-08-13 오전 4:03greekwrestler
Platform divers wouldn't be the best baby face jobbers? Of course they would!12012-08-03 오전 9:51la heel
UK Big Heal Wanted22012-05-27 오후 4:40bristolbigtel
330lbs 6.342011-06-09 오전 12:43Willardo