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Photo moderation blogIronbull's blog

I seem to have fallen into the habit of moderating photos. A brown belt in photo moderation, no less. So, for what it's worth, here are some personal gripes about profile photos.

Pitch dark. Get some lighting fellas. Or open the curtains and give your neighbours a treat.

Infinite regression. Most cameras, including phone cameras, have a timer. If you use it you won't end up with the "mirror photo" which makes you look like you're standing a mile away. At least crop the mirror pics before uploading unless you need advice on your bathroom colour scheme.

Selfies - see previous comment.

A group of 10 almost-identical photos don't add anything to 1 good one. Unless you're Andy Warhol.

A photo of your right elbow or your left foot? Really? What on earth for? To prove you're not an amputee?

A photo of your dick? Really? bleagh... Stick a bow tie and a sparkler in the top of it and we might be impressed. Better still, get a tiny wrestling singlet made for it and call it Dick the Bruiser...

A blow by blow photo journal of two men groping each other in a darkened hotel room? Admittedly the internet was a bit short of low grade porno so thanks for your contribution and for sharing those precious memories with us. You beasts ..... xx

A new photo every day? I was beginning to forget what you looked like, stud. Phew. Thanks for the latest. Now I can relax.

Bicep curls while sitting astride your defeated victim. That's just showing off now isn't it....? Save your mirror muscles for the mirror.

The karate-kicking-the-camera shot. Why is it always the high side-kick? Are you practicing for the chorus line? So your feet are lethal weapons... yeah yeah. At least wash between your toes first... Bruce Lee.

And finally, a great photo of a relaxed fighter who you can see properly is a fine fine thing....

Gripe over.

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Gay Games 2018 Parisenetarch's blog

So, I have a goal to get to GAy Games 2018 located in Paris.

I track my progress through several blogs. And look for people who are willing to support and motivate me. While monetary support is ok - not required - emotional and suggested workouts or techniques are very welcome.

The primary thing I'm trying to build back up - is my stamina. It's taken a beating over the past several years, and I've had a very hard time recovering it. So, if you have tips in that department, it would be appreciated.

Thanks for your support.

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Captain's Log Stardate 160817.08 - An Ode to Cyberingkimmetje's blog

I was thinking last night about something, I've been trying to convince a meetfighters guy to wrestle me but I think he is generally nervous about the weight different that separates us even though he is far far fitter than me especially coming into the sport. Whilst I am still working on the real-life meet, he did challenge me to a cyber-match. It got me thinking that it actually might be fun to write about that and see where it would go; especially noting that there may be weeks between wrestling bouts since I'm such a complicated person to lock down what with my travel schedule and social life.

I've already cybered with a few guys on the site, and as a creative writer, the thought of cybering actually has a certain thrill about it that I can't quite decide whether meetfighters look down upon it or not. I'd be curious what more experienced users of the site think about that. For me, it brings out a different level of excitement but it also has a powerful ally to make it just as potent: one's imagination.

What I've found interesting in my cyber experiences is that just like a real wrestling match, if your cyber opponent responds to you in a realistic way, appreciates the impact a hold or lock will have on the body and responds in kind that can be quite a powerful image that builds and the mind and body will do the rest. I've found my first cyber sessions quite exhilarating, especially if you also go that extra mile and share some real-life pictures just to help the imagination along even further. And what’s surprised me, just like my first wrestling match in real-life, is that if the guy is realistically role-playing, the end-outcome might surprise both cyber-wrestlers when they begin.

I’ve cybered now with three people, although a couple of have bailed in the middle of a match (could it be because they weren’t in a good position anymore?), but with those three guys, the encounter was quite interesting because you end up googling the holds they put you in and try and come up with a counter-attack that you would be capable of pulling, the domination and the submission is just the same and so is the climax as you either take your prize or allow the winner to take his. I should maybe think about asking contestants if they’d be willing to share these as stories, actually… and put them somewhere…

Oh that reminds me, cybering has something else, I find, it actually can help make the real-life encounter even more exciting because through it you get a much more powerful glimpse at what the other guy yearns for, and what he fears, about the holds you know may put him off balance or bring him over the edge. I’m also wondering if it might be a way to break down nerves with people who might otherwise not be sure about wrestling you. In the end what you write, how you write, the speed at which you write all offer incredibly poignant doorway into the kind of man and wrestler you are, even if you might not know that that’s what you’re doing.

As a writer, I see writing style in the same way someone can get the measure of a man by looking in their eyes. I do get nervous about the permanency of the exchange though, but maybe that too is part of the fun?

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Tuesday Night Grapplingenetarch's blog

Gene, from GGWC, taught a new student how to get a 2 on 1, to a single, high crotch to a double using a squat stance vs dropping to a knee.

As it turned out 2 students for grappling showed up, as well. YAY!!! =)

We worked on the scissors sweep and the elevator sweep.

I just showed it to my first student as he arrived 15 before the 2nd student. I didnt explain it, as i wanted to see how much he could pick up on the technique. He did pretty good, for learning where all 4 contacts .. hands and feet .. go.

Then we moved from the reversals to mount. And, from.mount to a Z-Mount arm bar, using the reverse arm bar leg lock to complete it.

Not bad for 1 hrs worth of time.

While i was fine while stretching, once i started teaching, I was sore… dont jnow why. =(

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Alive and Kicking Butts as I Approach 75.Spruceman's (always wanting to wrestle) blog

So hilarious at the doctor's office yesterday for a checkup. Telling her about doing at least 3 hrs exercise daily, weights, calisthenics, punching, fast walking, wrestling, brawling–and she said at my age I might be overdoing it and to keep in mind that I had the stroke [in 2009], a stent, a form of leukemia [in remission for a decade], etc. Then she recounted how surprised considering how bad a shape I was after the stroke and amazed at how I am now. I said, quite frankly it IS BECAUSE of all this exercise that I am alive and strong today, not IN SPITE of it. Stronger than ever in my life.

Three hours later, I was wrestling a man with a decade of experience, and handling this guy heavier than I – with ease– holding back so I wouldn't hurt him. Breaking out of any of his skillful holds he put on me by sheer strength alone – and being told I'm one hulluva lot stronger than I look. Really nice guy who was not upset in the least about all this. [He is not a member of this site; didn't know it existed. So I I ran him thru its features on a computer; and encouraged him to join].

So much for what some medical professionals have to say about "overdoing the exercise." I say with utmost modesty and humility. If you have doubts, 'Bring It! Let's wrestle!" [Only restriction is no headshots with the punching]

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Re-thinking Retirementwrestlerm's blog

I decided that my retirement might have been premature. I suppose I have a match or two left. I've decided to stick to pro wrestling. I can still do submission but I prefer pro. I am pretty good at it and so that's where I have landed. As some of you know, I have mats in my home so motel matches are out for me. I don't object to others who like them. They are just not for me. As far as gear is concerned, I prefer thongs or speedos. I don't have boots and I have always wrestled in bare feet. I am in great shape for my age and stronger than I have ever been. I probably need to back away from the table. Anyone wanting to wrestle, I can host so give me a shout.

So this is where I have landed.

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Wednesday - workoutenetarch's blog

Jogging and back and biceps

Jogging …
3 mins warm up, 3.5 mph, 85 to 100 bpm
21 mins jogging, 5.8 mph, 167 bpm, 900 breaths
7 mins cool down, 2.5 mph, 125 bpm

Biceps and back ..
Normal grip over head .. 45 x 25, x25, x25
Reverse grip over head .. 45 x15, x15, x15
Normal grip waist .. 45 x20, x20, x20
Reverse grip waist .. 45 x15, x15, x15

Bicep curls .. 15x15, 17.5x10, 15x15

Weight .. 236
Bmi .. 30%

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From one American -SwitchUpDown108's blog


Not the place for this, I know. But its 2AM in Arizona, and I'm not able to sleep.

As I've taken my first looks around the community here, Its been enriching to encounter such a truly diverse, wordwide, and affirming group of people devoted to such a niche shared interest. Naive, perhaps, but I honestly didn't realize there were so many of us out there, in every place there is.

Whether its to train ones body and mind or to get one's rocks off, none of what any of us does here is gonna 'save the world'. For some its a pasttime, for others the thing they live and breathe, but I want to be emphatic on this point - To know yourself, to pursue the thing that makes you the best you can you be, is always, always a radical act. Culture homogonizes, Self knowlege is rebellion.

I was born and raised and live in America. I'm no sociologist or student of history in any honest sense, but I know enough to know that what's keeping me up tonight isn't new. No one needs the litany read again of genoside, slavery, exploitation and pursecution the comprise my country's past and shape every moment of its present. What has me sleepless tonght might be an exceptionally repulsive recent mutation, but its nonetheless a species we know very well.

I'm burying the lede here. I'm writing this specifically for any non-American folks who might end up reading it someday. Of course I only speak for myself, but a platform is a platform....

I could not possibly be more in opposition to the current president, what passes for his 'policies', or the party which has failed to check his toxic agenda or censure his hate speech. He is an embarassment to the idea of national embarassments, and beyond the lies and sexual assaults and blatant fraud and wanting to date his daughter and constitutional violations, he is guilty of what i think might be the greatest crime a person can commit against themselves - he is completely disinterested in correcting his own ignorance. Its no vice to lack knowlege, but to be simply totally unconcerned about the gaps in your understanding, upon arising to the pinnacles of power, cannot be forgiven.

And in related matters, there is NO equivalency between those who want to exterminate groups of people, and those who would prevent any extermination. There are not 'many sides' when there is one side would put most of us here into ovens. Punch fascists, make racists afraid again, #yesallwomen, #blacklivesmatter. NAZIPUNKSFUCKOFF

This is the part of the post where Im supposed to wrap up with my 'where we go from here' hot take, But you should ask yourself, and sharper minds than mine what to do next. Besides, its stupid late, and I still hafta proofread this. I just... want anyone out there to know that MANY American's see the current executive for the naked emperor egobaby dictator game show host he is. Maybe we DON'T deserve better than this, but I harbor absolutely no doubt that we ARE better.

Thanks for reading...We soon return to our regularly scheduled broadcast....

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Meeting saudiwrestlerSteeleyes's blog

saudiwrestler was surprised when I suggested a bout with him .He thought he was too weighty for me,but he agreed to meet me at Robert Englands mat room.He is charm personified,speaks impeccable English when I let him get a word in,and is a strong wrestler ,safe and sane Not so sure about the sane as he couldnt stop smiling and laughing.We had one session,with a sweaty wet finale for him. Robert took some pics for us and we both thought we had finished. We shook hands and had what I thought was a thank you hug,not so, he wouldnt release and shoved me against the wall.Use your imagination for the next half hour but my belly got spray painted at the end of an hilarious time. On the way back to his hotel in Manchester we stopped to eat a hearty feast and BOTH chatted for 2 hours. We decided to have a farewell handshake in the car before the rest of the journey to Manchester,but for over a half hour finished up flossing teeth and checking if we had put our undies back on.WOW

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OWG Meet 12.08.2017Steeleyes's blog

FIRSTLY I REFUSE TO MAKE ANY COMMENT ABOUT MY 2 SESSIONS WITH MATWORKER,THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH HUMILIATION YOU CAN TAKE !(only jesting of course David) Well,what a memorable event this was ;dadwrestle virtually dragged me into a side room without warning for a short but sweaty session.My trainer Imtiaz Ali was coaxed onto the mats by me to yet again give me a public battering, but I didnt give up easily(you would never have guessed that we are the best of mates).On the mats next with the inscrutable Sun for an evenly matched classic to and fro,lovely man.Then attacked and slaughtered in a side room,by Steve Shock who is obviously well recovered from his op;I finished up crawling from the room!! WOS lives on.Then syardley, I challenged him to a mat session, having done training with him and Ant01,coached by Imtiaz.I thought I would easily defeat him,how wrong can you be !He is so much older than me(I am 55 Tony) but I was baffled by his style.It was odd to wrestle in front of Imtiaz;but we were severely heckled by the watchers who offered to throw chairs on the mats when we started chatting mid wrestle!! No wonder I got confused,he was using BJJ moves the ancient whippersnapper.Just you wait you Bolton Bully! Then the epitome of the day,me and Glasgow 71(thats his real age).How can you seriously wrestle a man who has you in stitches all the time;I want to tackle him every day ;absolute gem of an alpha male. .leanmachineBE and I had a short tussle due to time restaints,he towers above most ,is very fit and strong and kept me well under control.Thanks everyone for a great afternoon and to John for the refreshments

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