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“When I discovered this website, I wasn't completely sure of joining it.. But I did, and I love every minute of being on here. Meetfighters contains the biggest amount of respectful people, adapting to eachothers level, there is a big amount of fun when fighting, and everyone has a good time.

I have learned about myself, about people, and there will be much more to come in the future. Since I am on here my self-esteem has been growing, and this little boy will be getting a big boy too.. Just like the ones im looking at with puppy eyes currently, which I'm hoping to meet & fight.

Can't wait to see where I will be in a year, and who else I have faced by then. And what my skill level will be... It will be a busy year 2016-17, but there will be time for some meetings for sure! Meanwhile I'll just look with big jealous eyes to all these big muscular handsome guys who are so far away that it's just a dream to meet them :)

Thank you for keeping this website alive guys and admins by all the effort you put into this.”

ninov, 2016년 8월 5일
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