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Ready to get back to wrestling. Interested in all forms and styles of the sport from competitive to fun and even erotic once agreed upon and mutual. Anything further will be decided based on how well we get along while wrestling and getting to know each other. Will be working out on a regular basis to get back in good physical shape and condition and endurance. Will be posting more photos to document my progress. Love the body contact and friendship which comes from two men locking up in a wrestling match. Grew up watching pro wrestling in the 1970s & 80s and still watch even though I'm more of a fan of the old days. Enjoy attending live shows. Prefer to heel, but, will job for the fun of a pro-style match as well as back-n-forth. Have some martial arts training. Always willing to learn more about pro, submission and amateur. Love the comradery and bonding of wrestling.



경기 방식: 대등한 경기, 주고받기, 일방적 경기, 놀이 레슬링, 기술 연습, 태그 팀 / 단체전
특정 레슬링 스타일: 프로 서브미션 레슬링, 영국식 프로레슬링, 전통적 스타일, 경기 보러 가기
기타 관심사: 친교, 힐(heel)입니다
페티쉬: 탑 쟁탈전, 레슬링 장비, 나체 레슬링


  1. 미국 - North Carolina, Charlotte
    Place of residence
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나이: 남자 상대를 찾고 있는 52세 남자

개인정보: 175 cm, 68 kg

사용 가능한 언어: 영어

복장: Trunks, briefs, shorts

올림픽 / 그레코로만 올림픽 / 그레코로만
서브미션 서브미션
프로레슬링 프로레슬링
유도 유도
관전 관전

마지막 로그인: 8시간 전 오프라인

마지막 수정: 2017-01-20 오전 10:39

회원 가입: 2017-01-11 오후 5:29

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chc75204 comegetsome Jd1994 ncwrestle ScorpGrapple

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ready to rassle님이 chc75204님을 추천합니다

When making your list of guys to wrestle, make sure to include chc75204 at the top of that list. Great to meet and wrestle because he is strong and talented. A lot of fun. Definitely ready to meet up with him again.



ready to rassle님이 ncwrestle님을 추천합니다

Ncwrestle is definitely worth your time to contact for a match. What he may lack in skilled technique, he more than makes up for in strength and determination to submit you and cause just enough pain to win the match. It goes without saying that he's a great guy on and off the mats; even though, I just said it. Get hold of him today -
you won't regret it.



comegetsome님이 ready to rassle님을 추천합니다

Ready to Rassle is a great guy. Very aggressive heel who knows what he's doing. If you're a jobber who's looking to be worked over, he's your guy. I highly recommend his sleeper.



ready to rassle님이 comegetsome님을 추천합니다

When you have the opportunity to meet up with "comegetsome" for a match, do so and you will not be disappointed. Great guy to meet and wrestle. Looking forward to the next time.



ready to rassle님이 ScorpGrapple님을 추천합니다

ScorpGrapple is a great friend and a great on the mats as well. Looking for a man to roll with for a fun time? He's your man. I'm looking forward to rasslin him again so get in touch with him today. You won't regret it.



ready to rassle님이 Jd1994님을 추천합니다

If you like putting a jobber thru the humiliation of a one-sided, pro-style, squash match, then Jd1994 is your man. He knows his role as a jobber and "embraces" it for a great time together. He's also a good guy to meet and discuss pro rasslin as an enthusiastic fan.



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