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Hey guys. Mainly looking for sub matches, but can do just about any style. Prefer wrestling guys around my size or bigger. I don't have any formal wrestling training, but I've still learned a thing or two and I've kicked around a lot of the guys on here. Can't travel at the present time, but if you're located around the St. Louis area, or just visiting, we can split a hotel room. Usually job when I do pro, but I can heel for the right guy. Age is not an issue, all limits respected. Feel free to message me if interested. I've wrestled most of the guys in my favorites, and would be glad to give references for any of them. Let's wrestle!



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  1. 미국 - Missouri, Saint Louis
    Near here, not Chicago!
  2. 미국 - Illinois, Highland
    Place of residence
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나이: 남자 상대를 찾고 있는 28세 동성애자 남자

개인정보: 183 cm, 91 kg

복장: Trunks, speedos, possibly nude

서브미션 서브미션
무규칙 격투 무규칙 격투
프로레슬링 프로레슬링

마지막 로그인: 27분 전 오프라인

마지막 수정: 7일 전

회원 가입: 2014-04-13 오후 7:45

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Txbigb님이 firecracker stl님을 추천합니다

This guy lives up to his handle. He quick, surprisingly stronger than he looks and is an all around great guy. We wrestled on and off for about 3 hours and drained the energy tanks to zero. Watch out for this guys legs, they’re long and strong.



firecracker stl님이 Txbigb님을 추천합니다

Super nice guy and a great wrestler. Strong, skilled and surprisingly resilient, he can take a lot of punishment and knows how to dish it back out. Don't pass him up if you get a chance to wrestle!



JHK49님이 firecracker stl님을 추천합니다

I have been seeing this young man on different sites for 10 years now, and finally got the chance to get together with him. All I can say is why did I wait so long, and when can we do it again.

Firecrackerstl is exactly what his name says. We rolled in my hotel room for 3 hrs, and would have kept going if it hadn't been for hunger setting in, So we went to dinner instead.

He is strong, knowledgeable, and friendly, even when he's wrapping his legs around you to squeeze the breath out of you.

For those of you into GP, he's got a great right, and knows how to use it. He can take the worst you dish out, and give it back to you. I am now looking forward to my next trip to this area, and seeing if I can find other reasons to be here.



firecracker stl님이 JHK49님을 추천합니다

I had an amazing time wrestling JHK on Friday and I can't recommend him enough. He's a strong guy, super friendly, and he can take a ton of punishment. If you get an opportunity to meet up with him, don't pass it up!



Lkn4awrestletoy님이 firecracker stl님을 추천합니다

We've wrestled a couple a three or four times...met him early in his wrestling career and had a blast with I write this now in 2017 I see he's developed unto quite the wrestler...proud to count him among my matches...great jobber boy...hopefully we can meet up again some day soon.



firecracker stl님이 Lkn4awrestletoy님을 추천합니다

Super nice guy and great wrestler, hope to get together with him for another match soon!



Arman님이 firecracker stl님을 추천합니다

Had a great match. He is very good strong wrestler and lives up to his name. Nice person both on and off mats. Can't wait to roll with him again in rematch



firecracker stl님이 Arman님을 추천합니다

Wrestled Arman a few times now and always had a great time. A good wrestler and a super sweet guy, can't wait to roll with him again!



CNYWrestler님이 firecracker stl님을 추천합니다

Well this was a very good meeting. Great competitive match, that went on for one hour straight. I can say that firecracker stl is the real deal and is a good wrestler with skill, he's strong and I could only go for an hour straight, I know he could of wrestled longer. I would definitely meet firecracker stl again and if you visit St. Louis you should wrestle him you won't regret it!!



firecracker stl님이 CNYWrestler님을 추천합니다

CNYWrestler's a great guy and an amazingly tough opponent. Strong and skilled, if you get the chance to take him on and you're looking for a truly competitive struggle, then you should definitely go for it. We wrestled nonstop for about an hour, but today I feel like we went at it for five. Highly recommended!



scubawrestler님이 firecracker stl님을 추천합니다

We met again and tangled for nearly 3 hours. We did some basic roughhouse style with some punches with MMA mitts. He can dish out and take equally well. He's one of my favorites and there will be many more bouts. Take him on when you pass through STL.



Mich123님이 firecracker stl님을 추천합니다

I've wrestled firecracker 2 times, and wish I was closer so we could wrestle more. Good guy, fun matches.



texwrestler2001님이 firecracker stl님을 추천합니다

Firecracker is alot tougher than you might think. Had a great match. Highly recommend



firecracker stl님이 texwrestler2001님을 추천합니다

Had a great time wrestling tex! He's a tough, strong, experienced guy, and loves to trash talk. Don't hesitate to take him on if he's coming to your area, you won't be disappointed!



stalksthemoon님이 firecracker stl님을 추천합니다

This guy is a lot of fun. He's a tuff sub match and in pro he's a good jobber to play with. I recommend meeting up with this kid if you're in the area.