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Hello Im wanting to see whats out there. I do have some taekwondo experience as Im a yellow belt and would like to play fight/wrestle anything agreed upon is fine with me.
I am also eager to use lowblows and any cbt give and take... prefer to take but can give the same upon discussion.

**I am currently not in Wichita, Kansas at this time. I do travel there from time to time.

***UPDATE My Husband that I married Aug 19th has passed away Aug 25th 2017

**I injured myself again this time at work so I been dealing with nerve pain again after it healed the first time. So wrestling will be limited or just online chat til it heals. :(

Thank you for your understanding If some of you message me and time is right for a match I will respond,



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  1. 미국 - Oklahoma, Yukon
    Currently Reside
  2. 미국 - Kansas, Wichita
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나이: 남자 상대를 찾고 있는 30세 동성애자 남자

개인정보: 168 cm, 64 kg

사용 가능한 언어: 영어

복장: Underwear, squarecut, singlet or nude

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마지막 로그인: 4일 전 오프라인

마지막 수정: 7일 전

회원 가입: 2011-06-01 오전 12:21

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Kureitondes님이 bradleyj님을 비추천합니다

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bradleyj님이 OKWRSTLMARK님을 추천합니다

Mark was a good person to meet, Really good wrestler, experienced. Made the meet more real and entertaining, I got some good moves in on him and got out of some moves he tried to put me in.

Def a good challenge. Met last week (Sunday 29th Approx-First meet)That was a good match also. Will continue meeting again.



OKCSean님이 bradleyj님을 추천합니다

This was the second time Brad and I have met up and it was as great as the last time. Don't let his smaller size full you, as he comes at you hard and will take you by surprise. I hope we get a chance to meet up a couple more times in the near future!



bradleyj님이 OKCSean님을 추천합니다

Okcsean and i had a good match 12/11 we had a great time. Dont get a chance to meet up often but got the chance to meet today. Hope we can meet another time or two before he moves :-(. Good match



bradleyj님이 Theman1984님을 추천합니다

He is good at his moves, holds has good amount of experience Stong Legs. We used cock and ball grabs and threw eachother around. It was fun and a great match, Hope to meet again.



spladle2submission님이 bradleyj님을 추천합니다

Brad is a great guy, fun to wrestle and strong for his size. Actually deceptively strong for his size. I would recommend him to anyone who want s a fun match and I hope to do it again soon.



bradleyj님이 spladle2submission님을 추천합니다

Had a great time he def knows his skills, he put me in 3 sleepers and got me into submission.... Id def go at it again. Nice guy very knowledgeable.



B3Wrestle님이 bradleyj님을 추천합니다

Had a great match with bradleyj, the guy is ALOT stronger that he looks and does have skill to his wrestling. He's also able to hold an intelligent conversation which is just as important. 100% recommend for anyone passing thru the OKC area. Cant wait for round 2!



bradleyj님이 B3Wrestle님을 추천합니다

B3wrestle was a goo bout, Knowledgeable in life aspects, Fun to talk to and wrestle.. we did a oil nude match. That was fun and intersting. Also hope for a 2nd round



wildcat님이 bradleyj님을 추천합니다

My buddy that used to live a couple of blocks away. We have a lot of fun fighting. Knows his stuff.



bradleyj님이 wildcat님을 추천합니다

Hes a good wrestler pretty strong. Def competitive in areas and a good erotic bout..



slmguy79님이 bradleyj님을 추천합니다

Very tough and skilled guy. Definitely recommend bradleyj and hoping to have more matches with him in the future.A great guy to chat and hang out.



bradleyj님이 slmguy79님을 추천합니다

Very good guy def a good wrestler and a poss good friend. Def worth meeting