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Dear 95% gay men and 5% straight men (yeah keep telling yourselves you're straight), I'm just a chill guy who finds wrestling the sexiest thing on the planet. Primarily a jobber, but I've discovered there's a hidden heel in me that likes to surface every once in a while :D The feeling of humiliation when you're lying at someone's feet defeated is just suuuuuch a turn on. Some of my favorite holds are sleepers, chokes of all kinds, headscissors, bear hugs etc. In conjunction with the wrestling I also love victory poses, verbal humiliation, trampling, foot fetishes, muscle worship, master slave roleplay interests etc. In general I'm pretty open to experimentation as a jobber or as a heel. Love to get erotic if the chemistry is right and some post humiliation cuddling is always nice.

Anyways if you like anything I said above hit me up. If you didn't but had ideas of the stuff you wanted to get into, hit me up! Happy dominating, humiliating, choking, posing etc to all of you.



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  1. 미국 - California, San Mateo
    Place of residence
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나이: 남자 상대를 찾고 있는 27세 동성애자 남자

개인정보: 180 cm, 72 kg

서브미션 서브미션
프로레슬링 프로레슬링

마지막 로그인: 1시간 전 오프라인

마지막 수정: 2018-05-17 오후 5:37

회원 가입: 2015-11-07 오전 3:45

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wrestlernys님이 SleeperLover님을 추천합니다

Had an awesome match with SleeperLover today! He's a super nice guy with a great body - which I enjoyed working over. Highly recommend him!! Looking forward to meeting up with him again soon.



takeyoudown89님이 SleeperLover님을 추천합니다

Tough, strong, friendly and a good host. Recommended.



tap out tyler님이 SleeperLover님을 추천합니다

Fun and nice guy, he can take a ton of holds, one after another. Definitely recommended!



SleeperLover님이 tap out tyler님을 추천합니다

Tyler's a super fun guy to wrestle. He's respectful of what his opponent is into and is a super friendly guy in general. I'm definitely going back for a rematch as soon as possible :)

P.S. - His apartment in SFO is a palace, so that's an additional bonus for wrestling :)