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AKA "SLiM JiM" AKA "Leo St Cyr," depending on who you ask. Just a lightweight sub/freestyle wrestler looking to have some fun testing my mettle against other athletic guys (preferably under 180 lbs).

Can finally host at my new place in MD! :D



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  1. 미국 - Maryland, Owings Mills
    Leo's Evil Lair
  2. 미국 - Washington D.C., DuPont Circle
    Frequently Passing Through
  3. 미국 - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
    Spartans Practice every 1st Sunday
  4. 미국 - Georgia, Atlanta (2017-10-13부터 2017-10-15까지 여기에 있을 예정입니다.)
    ATL Gay Pride Weekend
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나이: 남자 상대를 찾고 있는 31세 동성애자 남자

개인정보: 173 cm, 55 kg

사용 가능한 언어: 스페인어, 영어

복장: Singlets, jockstraps, spandex costumes, nude

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마지막 로그인: 7시간 전 오프라인

마지막 수정: 2018-02-03 오후 9:29

회원 가입: 2013-01-15 오후 3:50


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wrestlefan85님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

I’m *still* in shock at how strong this guy is. Even though I’d read his recommendations, I didn’t believe it until I experienced it for myself. Had a fun, fairly even tussle. Also doesn’t hurt that he’s super nice and easy to talk to. Looking forward to the rematch.



BoyToy Wonder님이 wrestlefan85님을 추천합니다

DAMMN, that body! 💪💪 Even more handsome and muscular than his pics, Wrestlefan85 put up one hell of a fight. His scissors were so bone-crushingly tight, I had to verbally tap out ‘cause my hands weren’t fast enough. Happy to finally meet him after all these years of chatting. Highly recommended!



nicky7님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

A very skilled wrestler. Quick and tough . He kept me working hard. Very good sub skills. Great guy to roll with. Highly recommend him



BoyToy Wonder님이 nicky7님을 추천합니다

My first time in a Pro ring and I had a blast! Nicky’s surprisingly strong for his frame and made me work hard for every submission. He was even nice enough to give me some boxing pointers. Very easygoing and flexible opponent! 👍



nycguy86님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

Another great match with BoyToy Wonder! He never fails to surprise and delight with his arsenal of moves and gear. And his body is kicking. Can't wait for the next round :-)



BoyToy Wonder님이 nycguy86님을 추천합니다

Recently crossed paths with the very sexy NYCGuy86 for the 4th time and he never disappoints! We strapped on our singlets and went at it in another action-packed rip & strip submission battle. I came out on top, but he still has the most insane abs I’ve ever seen! If given the chance, do not pass him up.



shawty333님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

FIRST MEET: (2015)
Slimmy Jimmy is very respectful, and extremely tough. That goes to show you to never to judge based on body type! I think we had more laughs than anything, but I'm down for a rematch if possible!

He was my final match in Baltimore and this time I was more focused. I think I did a lot better this time around, then again we had less room to roll around (stupid hotel). Still, this match was quite a bit hotter than last time. I admit I was surprised at first, but Slimmy Jimmy's amazing! We even went out to enjoy "the night life" a little.



BoyToy Wonder님이 shawty333님을 추천합니다

I will hand it to him, he is a much stronger wrestler (NOT a pure jobber) than people give him credit for. Since our last encounter, where I won 17 subs to 0, Shawty learned to never underestimate your opponent. This time around, he was surprisingly resilient and impressively was able to wriggle out of many of my moves. Fun latenight rematch, even took him out for drinks afterward! 🍻



Mcjames님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

I was excited because this was my first match where my opponent wasn't 50 lbs heavier than me, but I still got my ass kicked! He is insanely strong and really knows what he is doing. He is a great guy and it was a great match. At least I won our reverse headscissor battle.



BoyToy Wonder님이 Mcjames님을 추천합니다

McJames is one sexy lean opponent, as well as the only NC boy to show up on-time! 😜 He and I had a playful submission match, and even though he’s a rookie, he has some of the tightest, most lethal headscissors & grapevines I’ve ever experienced! Don’t pass this guy up!



Buchk님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

Boy was I caught off guard! Don't let BoyToy's size fool you: he is incredibly swift and strong. I had a lot of fun trying versus BoyToy, but in the end he brought the punishment. He's a serious and hot contender, and a chill guy with whom to talk and grab a drink. Highly recommended.



BoyToy Wonder님이 Buchk님을 추천합니다

Watch out, boys, there’s a new hot wrestler in Philly! I never would’ve guessed this was his first match because Buchk has tremendous core & upper body strength and can clamp on some vicious chokes. After several submission rounds I ultimately came out on top, but he REALLY made me sweat for it! Highly recommend!



maineagle93님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

What a strong guy for being so light! He made me work hard enough that i was sweaty and red faced throughout. Generous enough to host on a dime too for a fun roll on a holiday. He confirmed his pics as not being a push over at all.



BoyToy Wonder님이 maineagle93님을 추천합니다

"I'm bored, do you wanna come over?" "Be there in an hour!" That was probably the easiest, most painless match setup ever! :) Glad I finally got to meet Maineagle93 and have friendly conversation between sweaty submission rounds. I'll admit, he dominated for the most part, but I did manage to sleeper him out once! Strong & reliable opponent, highly recommended!



Dmvboy123님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

Super hot match. He's very strong and skilled and has a great body. I thoroughly enjoyed getting dominated by him and also getting to lock him up in some hot holds. I hope to play around with him again sometime!



BoyToy Wonder님이 Dmvboy123님을 추천합니다

HOTTT match in every sense of the word! DMVBoy's stronger than he looks in his pics and we had a fun back & forth submission battle. :) Even though the Champ had another shutout victory, this guy came close to making me tap several times. Sexy body, lots of stamina, highly recommended!



Fighter1983J님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

Great guy, very tough and fun guy to wrestle. Cant wait for a rematch one day.



BoyToy Wonder님이 Fighter1983J님을 추천합니다

Definitely not the "eccentric" heel I was expecting, Jay's a nice funny guy and a respectful opponent. We had a fun time on the mats–maybe someday I'll try out the boxing ring. ;)



vicj81님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

This wiry stud was a handful. He was definitely stronger than I thought and knows how to bring the pain! Had a great time hanging in his company and hope we get to again.



BoyToy Wonder님이 vicj81님을 추천합니다

"I'm whoopin' her ass, Cindy!" :P I've admittedly been a fanboy since his HBWL days, and it was such a pleasure to battle it out & make him submit to me over and over again. We hung out several times over the course of NYC WrestleFest weekend and he kept me in stitches the entire time with his deliciously dark sense of humor. Don't turn down the chance to wrestle this slim stud!



Eagle2009님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

I underestimate this guy based on his size and build. I was wrong. He was fast and very strong and knew alot of moves. Definitely recommend him and made me rethink myself



BoyToy Wonder님이 Eagle2009님을 추천합니다

What a charming, big ball of energy! :) I had a great time chatting and wrestling with this guy in our Round Robin.



jacketwolf님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

I met Boytoy in D.C and had a wonderful match, which was tough, hard and sweaty. It was a great gift to me for Christmas. Although the guy was light and lean, his strength was perfect and his body scissors did work. Good skills, Very fit body, clear abs. A nice and smart guy off mat. Definitely recommended.



BoyToy Wonder님이 jacketwolf님을 추천합니다

Santa granted my Xmas wish with a tough match versus Jacketwolf. ;) Excellent technique & arsenal of moves, he's got great upper body strength for his size and was able to pin me down several times. I managed to make him tap in my head & bodyscissors and sleeper but for the most part, he dominated the match. Definitely recommended!



BoyToy Wonder님이 sebastian rios님을 추천합니다

After 4 years of chatting and admiring him from afar, THE Sebastian Ríos and I finally had a match. It was everything I could've hoped for and more. Insanely sexy, sweet, smart, and funny stud; I've always loved that he doesn't take himself too seriously. We playfully wrestled in & out of sexy singlets and afterward did some sightseeing at Disney. If you're afforded the opportunity to wrestle him, GRAB IT!



BoyToy Wonder님이 EthanAxelAndrews님을 추천합니다

I'm not ashamed to admit it, I got every square inch of my ass KICKED! Axel is strong but more importantly, he's got mad technical skills on the mat. Despite losing, I definitely enjoyed this sweaty mat battle.



chocoindian님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

Don't let that weight confuse you! He's light but strong!



Lederringer님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

This boy is a great Fighter! Very strong and a tought wrestler! Our fight was very challenging. Had a good time with him!



NickZ님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

BTW is a feisty and skilled opponent and we had a good match at the Wrestlefest.



BoyToy Wonder님이 NickZ님을 추천합니다

No doubt about it, NickZ is one badass opponent! Totally disproved my misconceptions about older wrestlers. You'd better bring your A Game when stepping on the mat against this guy!



Blarger님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

He is an awesome wrestler who gave me a great workout. Looking forward to wrestling with him next time he is in NY.



BoyToy Wonder님이 Blarger님을 추천합니다

One of my hottest matches EVER! Felt great to wrestle another in-shape wrestler in my weight class. Enjoyed dominating & humiliating him during our epic Rip & Strip showdown. If you're in NYC, hit him up!



lb200님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

Charming, charismatic, trustworthy and skillful. Don't let your guard down because this BoyToy can make you tap when you least expect it :)

This nice young fellow shows real passion for wrestling and he'll give out his 110% in a competitive match.



BoyToy Wonder님이 lb200님을 추천합니다

One of my absolute favorite wrestlers on the scene, "LoserBoy" is extremely skilled, friendly, creative, and willing to try basically anything. I never turn down rematches with this Canadian stud!



phoenix님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

Don't let his size fool you, this little guy is tough. If you're a gear guy he's definitely your man. Always a tough match.



BoyToy Wonder님이 phoenix님을 추천합니다

I call him the "Iron Giant" because he never tires and has legs of steel! Very friendly and knowledgeable about various wrestling holds. If you get the chance to lock horns with him, DO IT!



wrestlingotter님이 BoyToy Wonder님을 추천합니다

Had a great time wrestling with BoyToy. Like everyone says, he is way stronger than you expect. We each had fun exchanging schoolboy pins, but he ultimately made me tap quite a few times. Don't miss s chance to wrestle this guy. He was very respectful of my limits. He stayed in touch and gave me recommendations for my time in Baltimore.



BoyToy Wonder님이 wrestlingotter님을 추천합니다

Had a wonderful time meeting and dominating Newbiewrestler in B*More! He let me gear him up in one of my singlets before we did some semi-competitive submission wrestling and practiced holds. Friendly, strong, and not camera shy = +++ in my book!


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