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Gay Male Here looking for some interesting fun. Gamer head as well and Apple enthusiasm. Live in Memphis, TN if you wanna come match me gotta come here. Also, I'm a busy man so I'm hardly online. If I message you or whatever and you wanna contact mobile that's cool but please don't bash me with a message about fighting or meeting up soon. I have to plan my time off when I can take out to visit or fight if you are in my city.



  1. 미국 - Tennessee, Memphis
    Place of residence
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나이: 21세 남자

개인정보: 183 cm, 78 kg

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마지막 수정: 2018-03-09 오후 9:55

회원 가입: 2017-03-08 오후 11:27

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hookuppercut님이 tjenkins948님을 추천합니다

Had an excellent time and match with TJ. Very strong and athletic. Hard to get him in position to tap. We had a lot of back and forth as far as gaining an advantage. We’ll definitely have round 2 and many more to come.



liwrestler님이 tjenkins948님을 추천합니다

Super cool guy! You better be strong enough to wrestle this guy, because he's a brick wall! Strong, sexy, and all around a cool guy.



tjenkins948님이 liwrestler님을 추천합니다

Incredible nice and guy. Enjoy wrestling has a nice grip and hold. Would enjoy changing this guy again. Trust me guys for this one I wouldn't give up if I was you.



manwrestler님이 tjenkins948님을 추천합니다

TJ was a great match. Much stronger then i thought and a genuine great guy. I do want a rematch asap. If in memphis dont miss the chance for a super match!



tjenkins948님이 wrestlin님을 추천합니다

We've been trying to meet up for a while and finally got a chance last minute. We had fun and were evenly matched. We fought with both shorts and erotic wrestling matches. At the end it was a sweaty situation but I'm proud to have gone against this guy. Can't wait for the next time to meet you.



Memphiswrestleguy님이 tjenkins948님을 추천합니다

Great guy and strong as hell. After dominating the couple of opponents I had met up to this point, it was fun to go at it with someone who made it a more than even matchup- he was even able to make me tap a couple of times. When not grappling, he's a great guy with a good head on his shoulders. If you want a tough fight, he's your man.
I'm hoping to test him again in a rematch soon.