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Into erotic fun wrestling and lift and carry.



경기 방식: 주고받기, 놀이 레슬링
특정 레슬링 스타일: 머드/오일 레슬링
입식 격투기: 입식 격투기에 관심 없음
기타 관심사: 마사지
페티쉬: 탑 쟁탈전, 수음, 나체 레슬링, 음경 싸움, 얼굴 위에 앉기


  1. 독일, Frankfurt am Main
    Place of residence
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나이: 남자 상대를 찾고 있는 40세 동성애자 남자

개인정보: 163 cm, 48 kg

사용 가능한 언어: 독일어, 영어, 프랑스어

서브미션 서브미션

마지막 로그인: 4일 전 오프라인

마지막 수정: 2017-02-03 오후 7:08

회원 가입: 2013-10-29 오후 3:44

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Lederringer님이 legguy님을 추천합니다

I think he is the cutest little guy in london. We met after a sjort Chat and wennt agter some redwine straight to the mat...which was a bed in a hilton hotel. Very soon we where conected in a tight match....sometimes we wresteled for a tpp-position. But mainly we enjoyed the tight bodycontact and the touching of each other. Not to forget the famouse kisding. He is very great and sexy in kissing
I realy will missing this "great" guy!



legguy님이 Lederringer님을 추천합니다

We had a fun, hot, horny, sexy meet. As he says, there was some trying to wrestle for top, but mainly a lot of hot and horny body contact. He is a sexy, charming, fun guy AND a fantastic kisser, and I was only sorry we weren't able to have longer together. I certainly hope that won't be the last time we get together. I had a very fun and very horny time. Thanks :)



wrestleclaw님이 legguy님을 추천합니다

amazing guy ... nice, funny, really strong, sexy, great looking!! I totally and strongly suggest if you have the chance to meet up with him do so! cannot wait to meet up again and again!



legguy님이 wrestleclaw님을 추천합니다

A feisty and very strong guy to have a roll around with. He is very sexy with a great body. He dishes it out but can take it too. A really lovely, genuine, fun, bright guy - I enjoyed chatting with him afterwards as much as I did wrestling him. I look forward to the next time!



Oilman님이 legguy님을 추천합니다

Had a great oil grapple with legguy! Although he hadn't done much oil wrestling he certainly knew all the right moves. Thanks for a lively and slippery tussle. Ready for Round 2........



legguy님이 Oilman님을 추천합니다

Met with Oilman today for a fun and horny oil wrestle. He's a very lovely, sociable guy and made me feel very welcome. We had a great roll around covered in oil which was hot. I would definitely recommend him!



liftandcarry님이 legguy님을 추천합니다

A really lovely guy - incredibly fit, slim and light. I could bench press him with ease and overhead press him. That's not just my strength - he's like a gymnast.

Really lovely guy too.



legguy님이 liftandcarry님을 추천합니다

SUCH a strong guy!! We both have a big thing for lift and carry and he was able to hoist me up any way he wanted without even pausing for thought. Overhead, OTS, cradle, leg lifts...you name it - he could do it with ease. Incredible natural strength. A friendly and genuine guy to boot - very highly recommended!



calad100님이 legguy님을 추천합니다

Legguy and I had a fun afternoon putting each other in some hot holds. It wasn't a highly competitive match, there was some struggling though which added to the excitement. He is a very genuine guy with a great body, we had good conversation and I look forward to catching up with him again soon.



legguy님이 calad100님을 추천합니다

Had a very fun and very horny afternoon with calad100. We had a give a take style session, putting each other in some horny holds and enjoying struggling against each other. We were very open about and respectful of each other's limits. He is a friendly and lovely guy with a great body. I had a fun time with him and look forward to more!



DenverWrestler님이 legguy님을 추천합니다

Had a very hot fun match with legguy. He is very handsome with a lean rock-hard ripped body and very sexy strong hairy legs. He's very fit and scrappy and never seems to tire out. And while he's not a big guy in terms of weight or height, he's quite 'big' in another respect, and he uses that to distract his opponent and to 'punish' his opponent if he gets the chance. A truly sweet sexy guy who is a huge amount of fun to wrestle and a very hot guy to get together with!



legguy님이 DenverWrestler님을 추천합니다

DenverWrestler and I had a horny and very fun time together. He's a big, solid, sexy, masculine guy and I had great fun get tangled up with him. A charming and interesting guy off the matts too. He comes highly recommended - fun, intelligent and horny! Thanks!



SqueezeNW님이 legguy님을 추천합니다

Had a great time with legguy. He does have nice legs, and the rest of his body, very good looks and friendly conversation are all just as splendid. Our match was quite a lot of fun. Don't let his size fool you – he is strong, with great stamina and a good scrapper. A very enjoyable guy to meet up and tangle with.



legguy님이 SqueezeNW님을 추천합니다

SqueezeNW is a sexy, feisty guy with lots of stamina and a strong pair of legs to scissor the breath out of you! We had a really fun, horny time together. He's an interesting, delightful guy and comes highly recommended!



back2pin4fun님이 legguy님을 추천합니다

Finally got to meet with legguy today and it was certainly worth the wait. A great fun session with him, a feisty and deceptively strong guy with great stamina. Honours were even by the end of our wrestle.
A really nice guy, very respectful and entertaining to talk with too. Highly recommended and without doubt, we'll meet again ... and soon. Sorry about the nightmare trip back !! ;-)



legguy님이 back2pin4fun님을 추천합니다

We had a fun and feisty roll around together. A strong guy who doesn't give in easily! A really friendly, welcoming host whose company I enjoyed! Thanks!!



finest님이 legguy님을 추천합니다

Great fun meeting up with legguy. Despite the size mismatch we had a good roll which wasn't long enough because we had both been chatting for ages. super sociable guy too.



legguy님이 finest님을 추천합니다

Finest is exactly that. A charming, friendly, interesting and intelligent man - in fact we were having such a nice time chatting, it took us a while to get down to anything else. He is tall, strong and very sexy with a fantastic body. He totally respected limits and treated me to a very horny time. Thanks!



freestyle님이 legguy님을 추천합니다

i met legguy friday night . He might be small but he is strong agile quick and has a very good school boy pin face sit and grapevine and a lot of stamina too . Nice sweaty hot struggle with him was a lot of fun . He is a nice guy both on the mats and off them respectful of limits and a safe sane guy highly recommended :)



legguy님이 freestyle님을 추천합니다

Freestyle is a really pleasant, friendly guy. We had a very erotic and horny time together. He totally respected everything we'd talked about in advance and it was great fun. Highly recommended. Thanks for a fun time!



legguy님이 ben님을 추천합니다

Had a fun and very horny roll around with Ben today. A strong guy who occasionally managed to tie me in knots. Really enjoyable give and take. Great time chatting before and after as well - a lovely host. Thanks Ben!



wrestling4fun님이 legguy님을 추천합니다

What a great guy. Sexy, strong and aggressive. He put a huge amount of energy into our playful (sometimes rough) wrestle and scrap. It was fun all the way, and I enjoyed playing heel and jobber. I loved his slim, muscular and hairy body. Highly recommended.



legguy님이 wrestling4fun님을 추천합니다

Had great fun with Richard this afternoon. A horny wrestle during which he totally respected my level and limits. He's strong and lots of fun. A really delightful guy off the mats too. Thanks for a fun afternoon!



JobberVHeel님이 legguy님을 추천합니다

Easy to arrange and turned up on time. Had a good fun horny session of holds in socks and boxer briefs (to start)
Nice friendly guy to chat with too. Recommended.



legguy님이 JobberVHeel님을 추천합니다

Had a very fun and horny match together. It was short and sweet and I would happily do it again. He's a very nice host and friendly chap. Thanks Tony!



BSF님이 legguy님을 추천합니다

Had a great time with Paul. He is an extremely sexy guy to wrestle and I really enjoyed the lift and carry element of the match. He's a charming, polite and relaxed guy but once wrestling his aggression comes to the front and he was not afraid to get stuck in. Definitely looking forward to the next match.



legguy님이 BSF님을 추천합니다

I had a FANTASTIC time with David. Totally delightful guy before, during and after fighting. He is tall, strong and sexy and was able to do lots of lift and carry with me. The wrestling was great fun and very hot and he totally respected my limits whilst also helping me to expand on certain things. A great evening spent together and I can't recommend him highly enough. Can't wait for the next time!